Nourishing Pear Drink for Cough

Nourishing Pear Drink for Cough. Unfortunately, it is a cold season with this constant change in weather. My little one has been coughing. Earlier, I should have not given him any cold yogurt drink, which made him worst. Nevertheless, his cough had gotten worst. Also, I stop giving him fruits, which contain sugar that can cause mucus. And, according to Chinese medicine fruits are cooling items unless the fruit is cooked. Then, I gave him lots of bone broth to have. Not only that, I made him lots of pear drink to soothe his throat.

Nourishing Pear Drink for Cough Recipe

Nourishing Pear Drink for Cough
Photo by Hanxiao on Unsplash


2 Asian Pears (can use other ones like Bosc or Bartlett)

3 dried figs

1 small to medium size rock sugar


  1. First, rinse the pears. Then, peel and remove the core, then cut into chunks. Next, set aside. Following, take a small to a medium-sized pot and fill it with water. And, add pears and dried figs. Let it cook in the high setting.
  2. Hence, after 20 minutes turn down the heat. Let it simmer.
  3. Turn off in about half an hour. And then, let it cool.
  4. Before serving, warm slightly in the microwave. Do not drink it is cold because it will trigger coughing.

Pear Drink

Not only does pear helps with the coughing the rock sugar help as well by hydrating the throat. This drink is good for children and is safe to have. Above all, the soup nourishes the lungs. Also, it is good for dry throat, which happens during the wintertime due to the heat. Or, even just from regular dryness. Not only that, this soup will benefit by having other ingredients such as dates, longan, and sweet bitter almond. In particular, the pear is great for digestion. For those who do not enjoy a sweet drink, this can be made with pork bone a more of a salty flavor.

Do try this nourishing pear drink. If you enjoy home remedies, do try red bean barley drink. I would love to try new remedies like remedies for bruises.

Red Bean and Barley Drink

Red Bean and Barley Drink. Lately, my daughter has been drinking less water. Also, her urine smells. Therefore, I have been a little concerned. Furthermore, she started a new school with a new environment. Not only that, during recess and lunch she only wants to play, so she has not been drinking as much water. Therefore, I am a very concerned Mom. Alternately, to encourage her I started a point system. If she finishes her water bottle at school, I would give one point. Also, I cooked red bean and barley drinks for her.

Red Bean and Barley Drink Recipe


100 g red bean

50g barley

1 small clump of crystal rock sugar


  1. To start, soak the red bean for 1/2 hour to 1 hour.
  2. Next, wash the barley. Then, pan fry barley.
  3. Thus, in a slow cooker add in barley and red bean. Hence, let it slow cook for 4 hours.
  4. After 4 hours, add rock sugar to the pot. Stir. Last but not least, the sugar should melt in 15minutes.
  5. Moreover, scoop in a bowl. And, let it cool.
  6. Enjoy.
Red Bean and Barley Drink Recipe

Red Bean and Barley Drink Benefit

Indeed, red beans and barley relieve the heat. Above all, the ingredients are safe for children to have. As well as that, it is good for the spleen, stomach, lung, liver, and large intestine. Good for skin allergies. Besides, it helps with swelling and pain in the joints. Following, red adzuki bean helps to remove the toxin. In Chinese medicine, barley helps to balance the blood, dampness, and toxin. As well as, any barley helps with inflammation. Or, if there is any issue with urination.

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Gluten-free Pancake Muffin Snack

Gluten-free pancake muffin snack. My children love to snack on both pancakes and muffins. Recently, I saw a recipe by combining both recipes. It is fun. My children would love to try them. Thus, the muffin will be fluffy like pancakes and moist like a muffin. The pancake muffin snack drizzle with maple syrup.

Gluten-free Pancake Muffin Snack Recipe


Gluten-free Pancake Muffin Snack

Pancake muffin

2 eggs

1tsp vanilla extract

2 tbsp coconut oil(melted)

non-dairy 1 cup

maple syrup 1 tbsp

gluten-free pancake mix 1 1/2 cup


  1. First, turn on the oven to 375 degrees F. Before starting, brush oil on the baking tray.
  2. Then, with a bowl add egg, milk, vanilla ext, maple syrup, and coconut oil. Mix.
  3. Subsequently, scoop batter into the muffin tin and add chocolate chips on the top.
  4. Lastly, bake the pancake muffin for 12 minutes.
  5. Once done, let it cool.

Pancake Mix


1/4 tsp xantham gum

1/4 tsp salt

1 cup gluten-free flour

1 tbsp gluten-free baking powder


  1. Firstly, in a bowl, add all the dry ingredients to mix.
  2. Then, store in a mason jar until ready to be used.
Gluten-free Pancake Muffin Snack
Gluten-free Pancake Muffin Snack
Gluten-free Pancake Muffin Snack

Dishes with a Twist

Why not food with a twist is fun to make. Also, there are many types of dishes with a twist from grill cheese sundried tomato pesto, chai spiced banana bread, Panago has a cheeseburger pizza, Sushi Town has a filet o fish roll and Korean bulgogi taco. Some of these dishes are rather successful and delicious. Sometimes dishes with a twist can be challenging but in the end, they are fun challenges.

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Carrot potatoes and tomato soup

Every week, I make a weekly soup. Carrot potatoes and tomato soup. I love soup throughout the year. Both during the summertime and during the fall, I can have soup all the time. The weather got a lot colder this week we had snowfall warnings. The roads are very icy. In the last couple of weeks, my children were home with the flu for a couple of weeks. Therefore, I needed to make some soup to boost their vitamins and their immunity. My family grew up with carrot potatoes and tomato soup, which I had forgotten about. Last year, my daughter has become sensitive to tomato. The soup was forgotten. Now, she can have them again but in moderation. Carrot potatoes and tomato soup. My Mom uses to make this often.

Carrot potatoes and tomato soup


1 tomato

1-2 potatoes

1 carrot

1/2 pot of water

Pork bone or chicken bone(optional)


  1. Peel and cut carrot and potato.
  2. Cut onion ends and peel the skin off. Cut it into chunks.
  3. Then, cut the tomato into chunks.
  4. Take a pot, fill with a half pot of water. Allow it to boil.
  5. Place the vegetable in the water. And, turn down the heat.
  6. Let it simmer for 45 minutes.
  7. Turn off the stove.
  8. Enjoy.


Vitamin A: carrot gives vitamin A. Good for the eyes. Great for eyesight, reproduction, and the immune systems.

Vitamin B: potato gives vitamin B. This helps to reduce stroke, improve cell metabolism and improve energy level.

Vitamin C: vitamin c is in tomato. Vitamin C helps to repair body tissue. Therefore, some people call this soup ABC soup.


Vegetable soup has a lot of vitamins. Good for children but tomato might not be good for infants. Kids love this soup due to the sweetness of the onion. If you add corn, children would love it too. Using the slow cooker You can get stronger flavors. And, if you don’t want to constantly look after the soup, put it in the slow cooker and forget about it. Put all ingredients in the slow cooker. Allow the slow cooker to cook high for 3-4 hours or slow for 6-8 hrs. I love it when you return home the whole house smell like a home cook meal. Warm and cozy. Do try carrot potatoes and tomato soup.

Carrot potatoes and tomato soup

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Watercress Chinese Detox Soup

My youngest, I recently learned is going through some issues similar to his sister. During the summertime, Ol develops a rash on the back of his thigh. At first, I thought the rash was due to the hot weather. The build-up of sweat. Unfortunately, in September, the rash had gotten worse. The weather was getting cooler, but the skin was not getting better. I suddenly realize he is developing food sensitivity like Char. Ol is a picky eater, who only seems to love milk and eggs.

Watercress Chinese Soup

Doctor Visit

My little one is a little more hard to reason with. I have my concerns. I address my worries to the Doctor. She said the skin had worsened due to the clothing that comes in contact with his skin. Fleece material is irritating to the skin. Dries out the skin. Those with eczema should only wear loose cotton nothing synthetic. Man-made materials do not allow the skin to breathe. And it irritates the skin.

Eliminate Stage

The first set of instructions from the Doctor is what I expected. The elimination stage. What I need to do is to eliminate dairy, eggs, gluten, and sugar. With dairy, I need to slowly introduce non-dairy milk and reduce the dairy. This allows him to slowly adjust and to eventually remove diary out of his system. Also, the naturopathic Doctor recommends watercress Chinese soup to help with his condition.

Watercress Chinese Detox Soup


1-2 bunches of watercress

6-10 dried dates

300g – 500g pork ribs

3 tbsp. goji berries

6-10 cups of water(or more to cover the ingredients and fill half of the pot)

1-2 carrots

Watercress Chinese Soup
Date and goji berries


  1. Ina medium pot, fill water and allow it to boil. Blanch the bones. Let it boil for 5 minutes. Once boiled. Throw away the water.
  2. In a crockpot, fill with water. Add pork bones. Then, add the rest of the ingredients.
  3. Cook for 4-5 hours.
  4. Add salt for flavor.
  5. Watercress Chinese Soup
Watercress Chinese Soup


Watercress chinese detox soup is well known in a Chinese household. This soup is flavorful. Watercress soup is good to consume after pregnancy just remember to add ginger as a confinement soup. It is important to regularly drink detox soup to help clear the body from toxin. Keep the body hydrated. Our body needs to regularly filter the body. Watercress chinese detox soup can be consumed regularly. This soup helps to clean the system. Do try making watercress soup at home.

If you do enjoy having soup in the winter time, do visit my page about kabocha soup or Chinese lotus soup.

I learn to learn more about different types of soup recipes. I would love to try something like a roasted butternut squash with bacon soup.

Mo Gwa Soup for inflammation

Mo Gwa Soup for inflammation

I love to make soups every week. It is getting chilly. Nothing like a warm bowl of soup. My daughter needs to drink soup weekly to boost her gut health. And bone broth will help to continue to improve her skin condition and her food sensitivity. The bone broth is good for the gut. The broth gives iron, mineral, collage, and is full of nutrients. Do make mo gwa soup for inflammation or to have bone broth regularly.

Mo Gwa Soup for Inflammation Recipe


300g pork rib

1/2 hairy gourd

6 dried red dates6-8 cups of chicken broth or bone broth(homemade or store-bought)

salt and pepper

a small handful of barley

2 slices of ginger


  1. In a small saucepan, fill water. Bring water to a boil. Add pork bones. Allow the pork bones to boil. Turn off the stove. Toss the water.I
  2. In a large soup pot, add broth into the pot. Allow the broth to boil. Add pork bones into the pot. Let it boil.
  3. Add all the ingredients to the soup pot. Once the ingredients bubbles. Lower the temperature. Allow the soup to simmer.
  4. Do allow the soup to cook for 3 – 4 hours. Season with salt and pepper.
Mo Gwa Soup for inflammation

Know the Vegetable

Mo gwa is not a squash. It is a gourd. Did you know it is in the same family as winter melon? To remove the hair on the surface and the seeds on the inside. The center or the seeds can be quite tough. The gourd does not have a strong flavor. It is high in fiber. The soup has a sweet taste. Good for inflammations.

Better health with Mo Gwa Soup for Inflammation

Do have Mo gwa soup weekly. The Mo gwa soup is good for every season. Some Chinese soup is only good for winter or spring but you can have this soup all the time. This soup is great for everyone who has a weak body. If you feel dehydrated, this soup would help with this. Mo gwa can be cooked differently like cut into ring size steamed with ground pork on top. Do try Mo gwa soup.

If you want to strengthen your immunity, please try bone broth for your immunity recipe.

Next, I might try other immune-boosting soup recipes.

Fall Warm Comforting Lotus Root Soup

Fall Warm Comforting Lotus Root SoupFall Warm Comforting Lotus Root Soup

When I was little my Mom would always make lotus root soup. I love the flavor it is extremely tasty and a comforting soup. I feel warm, and cozy after having the soup.


The soup is cooling and it helps to remove body heat or balance the body. This balances the chi. The soup is soothing and nourishing.



2 pound pork bone

1 pound lotus root

2 slice of ginger

10 cup of water

salt and pepper for flavor

2 tbsp green bean

1/2 dried cuttlefish

1 tbsp red bean


  1. In a pot, boil a pot of water. This is used to blanch the meat. Once the water boils. Cook for another minute. Then, rinse the meat.
  2. Peel and cut the lotus root into chunks.
  3. Add all the ingredients to the boiling water. Let it cook. If the water gets low, add hot water to the pot of soup.
  4. Let the ingredients cook. After the ingredients boil, turn down the heat. Let the soup simmer. Cook the soup for 3 hours.
  5. Add salt and pepper for flavor.

Fall Warm Comforting Lotus Root Soup

Why do you blanch the meat?

This is to get rid of the blood clot and remove the pork smell. Once you change to a new pot of water, you remove the scum layer sitting on the surface.

About the Ingredient:

Green bean – add more flavor to the soup. This makes the soup sweeter.

Red Bean – This thickens the soup. Red bean has a high amount of fiber, protein, and antioxidant.

Lotus Root – This root is in season in the fall. This root is in high in fiber, vitamin, and mineral. It is good for blood circulation and helps to lower cholesterol.

Dried Cuttlefish – It is not a fish. A squid. It contains a large amount of vitamin C, calcium, potassium, and zinc.

Fall Warm Comforting Lotus Root Soup

This soup is great all year round. Some Chinese soup recommend to be made in summer while other in the winter time but this one can be made all year round. What else can you use the lotus root, you can  stir fry it with vegetables. Lotus root has multiple purposes.