Black Elderberry Juice

Black Elderberry Juice. Lately, my son has been having a lingering cough. Therefore, I was trying various ways to strengthen his immunity. Besides the medicine from the Doctor, I was using home remedies to improve his condition. Furthermore, I was doing some research on black elderberry. Therefore, this black elderberry helps to fight and speed up recovery.

Benefits of the Berry

This berry plant helps to reduce influenza. Also, it helps to fight against bacteria. Not only that, it helps to shield against UV. As well as it helps with depression. Besides the above, it contains high amount of vitamin C. The elderberry products in the market are either in syrup form, tablet, juice, tea or jam.


Black Elderberry Juice



  • 1/2 cup black elderberry

  • 2 cup water

  • 1 cup honey



  • First, wash the berries. Then, in a small pot, add water and the berries. And, let it cook on high to medium heat for 30 minutes.
  • Then, turn down and let it simmer.
  • Separate the berries from the juice with a strainer, let it cool.
  • Finally, stir in honey. (Store in the fridge).

Benefit for a Cold

The elderberry is from a Sambucus tree. When taken in the 48 hours of a cold it helps to speed up the recovery. Also, could regularly add black elderberry to food or dishes like black elderberry wine, make pies with elderberry or elderberry jellies. Therefore, this increase the intake of elderberry in everyday food.

Do try Black Elderberry Juice to help speed cold recover. If you enjoy home remedies do try nourishing pear drink. I would love to try new remedies to strengthen the lung.

Nourishing Pear Drink for Cough

Nourishing Pear Drink for Cough. Unfortunately, it is a cold season with this constant change in weather. My little one has been coughing. Earlier, I should have not given him any cold yogurt drink, which made him worst. Nevertheless, his cough had gotten worst. Also, I stop giving him fruits, which contain sugar that can cause mucus. And, according to Chinese medicine fruits are cooling items unless the fruit is cooked. Then, I gave him lots of bone broth to have. Not only that, I made him lots of pear drink to soothe his throat.

Nourishing Pear Drink for Cough Recipe

Nourishing Pear Drink for Cough
Photo by Hanxiao on Unsplash


2 Asian Pears (can use other ones like Bosc or Bartlett)

3 dried figs

1 small to medium size rock sugar


  1. First, rinse the pears. Then, peel and remove the core, then cut into chunks. Next, set aside. Following, take a small to a medium-sized pot and fill it with water. And, add pears and dried figs. Let it cook in the high setting.
  2. Hence, after 20 minutes turn down the heat. Let it simmer.
  3. Turn off in about half an hour. And then, let it cool.
  4. Before serving, warm slightly in the microwave. Do not drink it is cold because it will trigger coughing.

Pear Drink

Not only does pear helps with the coughing the rock sugar help as well by hydrating the throat. This drink is good for children and is safe to have. Above all, the soup nourishes the lungs. Also, it is good for dry throat, which happens during the wintertime due to the heat. Or, even just from regular dryness. Not only that, this soup will benefit by having other ingredients such as dates, longan, and sweet bitter almond. In particular, the pear is great for digestion. For those who do not enjoy a sweet drink, this can be made with pork bone a more of a salty flavor.

Do try this nourishing pear drink. If you enjoy home remedies, do try red bean barley drink. I would love to try new remedies like remedies for bruises.

Nourishing Apple Drink for Winter Dryness

These couple of weeks it has been quite cold. It snowed last week close to Christmas day. Most of the snow melted away but it is still quite cold. My son had a runny nose for a whole week; I tried bundling him up but he still has a runny nose. This could be due to the chilly weather rather than a cold or it could be a cold. Then, on Thursday his cold turn into a bad cough. He was coughing non stop it was getting really bad. My Mom made him a Chinese home remedy apple drink. My mom would always make this drink for me when I was little. 

apple for cold remedy
apple for cold remedy

My mom would always make this drink for me when I was little. The drink is very nourishing for the throat.  It is great for a sore throat, allergy, irritated throat or swollen throat. This beverage would help in the winter time when you turn on the heater and have dry throat especially after you wake up in the morning. It can be taken when you are not sick. Great for itchy or dry cough. This remedy helps to clear heat, prevent dehydration, sooth lung, moisten lung, cool the heart since Chinese remedy is all about balancing the yin and yang. You would need two apple, two pear, and two to three dried figs.

fig for cold remedy
fig. Photo by Weronika Marcińczyk on Unsplash

Boil a half pot of water. Peel the skin off apple and pear. Then, cut the apple and pear into slices. Once the water boils. Add apple, pear, and dried figs. Cook for three hours on medium heat. This can be served hot. My Mom gave some of the apple remedies to my son. My son really liked it because it is sweet. It really reduces the amount coughing. After two days he wasn’t coughing as much and seems to be getting much better.