Natural Toddler Bubble Bath

My kids love having a bubble bath. They love bubbles. It is all about having fun. Playtime. And, nothing is as relaxing like as a big tub of bubbles. Let their imaginations free. Chemical free. Hydrating ingredient. Safe for eczema prone skin. Did you know skin is the biggest organ of the body? The skin should be protected, especially little children’s skin. You should consider natural toddler bubble bath. In the beginning, it might require a little more time to make your own products. However, after you get used to it, it is quite easy. Do try making a natural toddler bubble bath.

Natural Toddler Bubble Bath
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Limiting Bubble Bath

Homemade natural bubble bath is safe. You have more control with the ingredients used. Children do not need bath time daily. Bath too often do dry out their skin and affect the microbiome. This will cause eczema.

Why Tear-free?

Why tear-free soap? The reason the soap is tear-free is due to the product not having soap in it. The tear-free item would have synthic surfactants. They can have carcinogen, endocrine disruptor, and allergens. The reason soap irritates the eyes is due to different ph levels.

Ingredients for Bubble bath

Liquid Castile soap

Liquid Castile is a vegetable oil based soap. This was originally an olive oil. This soap can have multiple uses. This product does not have any harsh chemicals. An environmentally friendly ingredient.

vegetable glycerine

Vegetable glycerine appears as a clear syrup liquid. The flavor is sweet. Odorless. Glycerine is from fats in carrier oils like coconut oil.

essential oil

essential oil is use for aromatherapy. They are extracts of plants. The oils have plant’s scent or also known as essence.

Fun with bubble bath

  • can be creative by creating bath crayons to make it colorful
  • place glow in dark stickers with slightly dim setting
  • Turn on music player outside bathroom to create a musical setting
  • If the suds are big enough, you can create animals

Natural Toddler Bubble Bath

Bubble bath Recipe


1 cup castile soap

1/4 cup glyerin

10 drops essential oil (lavender or any other ones you like)

1 tbsp. distill water


  1. Combine all the ingredients and place in a jar.
  2. When in use, pour 1/4 cup into running tap water in the tub.

Love for baths

I was excited about using something good for my children. Something healthy for their skin. Sometime I can save money by making my own products. My daughter has eczema so I needed to be extra careful what I use on her. If I make my own product, I can have more control. I don’t want anything to irritate the skin. I can make the bubble bath hydrating or nourishing and help with other concerns.

Safe bubble bath products.

If you want to read about essential oil to help with respiratory system, please take a look at this.

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