Essential Oil Good for Respiratory System

Sometimes with a cold a runny nose can turn in to a cough. The cough can become an irritating itch that causes you to cough uncontrollably. A cough can last several weeks or even a whole month. There are times where it can prevent you from sleeping especially with the night air affecting your lungs. Did you know Essential Oil Good for Respiratory System?

Why you should not rely only on medicine alone

Essential Oil Good for Respiratory System
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The cough suppressant from over the counter might not be the best for children. The Canadian Medical Association state these cough suppressant are not good for children below 6 years old.

Why does a cough linger

A cough can irritate the nerve fibers in the trachea where it splits into the two lungs. Once the verve fiber gets irritated from infection it triggers the brain to cough. The more you cough there will be a never-ending amount of coughing.

Essential oil to help with Respiratory issue

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Eucalptus essential oil remove toxin that causes the body to be susceptible to being sick. This helps the blood vessel to dilate allowing more oxygen to the body. It has an antimicrobial effect to fight any bacteria, virus, and fungus.


Peppermint oil is a good for coughs because it has menthol. An anti-bacterial and anti-viral very to the body. Menthol increase the oxygen to the nose and help clear the sinus. This essential oil help to stop coughs.


Rosemary essential oil helps to relax the trachea. This prevent how often your body wants to cough. Rosemary essential oil helps with those who have asthma and rhinosinusitis by minimizing coughs. Rosemary helps to boost the immune system.


Lemon essential oil strengthens the immune system. Lemon helps the lymphatic system. It helps to fight off the colds. Lemon has many benefits besides helping with a cold. This fruit helps antibacterial, anti-oxidant, and anti-inflammatory. Add 5 drops of lemon essential oil to a diffuser to help with the cold.

Other use for lemon essential oil



40 drops of lemon essential oil

20 drops of tea tree oil

spray bottle


  1. Combine the two essential oils.
  2. Add the two essential oil to distill water. Pour into spray bottle.
  3. Lastly, add white vinegar.
  4. Mix well. Ready to use.

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