Grass Jelly A Cooling Dessert

Grass Jelly A Cooling DessertGrass Jelly A Cooling Dessert

Grass Jelly is an Asian dessert in a black cube made from a plant called Platostoma palustre. The grass jelly is made from liquid form. It is a jelly with a bitter flavor. This dessert is eaten chilled. You can add fruits and other items to the dessert to make it fun.

History of the Grass Jelly

The grass jelly originated in China, Hong Kong, Southeast Asia, and Taiwan. This dessert cools the body temperature great for the summer.

Nutritional Value of Grass Jelly

The jelly has great dietary fiber; it acts as an energy booster. This has vitamin and mineral fantastic to fight against cancer. The jelly is thirst quenching.

Grass Jelly Plant

How can you tell grass jelly is fresh? Grass jelly has a smoky undertone. The plant is in the mint family a perennial herb. The grass is dried and boiled for 8 hours. After the plant is done boiling, the liquid becomes a black liquid like a black tea. Add starch, the jelly turns into a jelly to a solid form. After the starch dissolves, the jelly becomes chewy.

Grass Jelly A Cooling DessertBenefits of the Grass Jelly

  • Helps the digestive system to work properly
  • soothe throat
  • helps with condition that cause diarrhea
  • improve blood pressure condition
  • improve constipation
  • help with bloating

How to Prepare The Dessert

This dessert is eaten with sugar syrup and evaporated milk. You can add various fruits like mango, cantaloupe, or berries. Or, you can have the grass jelly in a beverage.

The Grass Jelly is a wonderful dessert to have in the summer time.

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