Nourishing Pear Drink for Cough

Nourishing Pear Drink for Cough. Unfortunately, it is a cold season with this constant change in weather. My little one has been coughing. Earlier, I should have not given him any cold yogurt drink, which made him worst. Nevertheless, his cough had gotten worst. Also, I stop giving him fruits, which contain sugar that can cause mucus. And, according to Chinese medicine fruits are cooling items unless the fruit is cooked. Then, I gave him lots of bone broth to have. Not only that, I made him lots of pear drink to soothe his throat.

Nourishing Pear Drink for Cough Recipe

Nourishing Pear Drink for Cough
Photo by Hanxiao on Unsplash


2 Asian Pears (can use other ones like Bosc or Bartlett)

3 dried figs

1 small to medium size rock sugar


  1. First, rinse the pears. Then, peel and remove the core, then cut into chunks. Next, set aside. Following, take a small to a medium-sized pot and fill it with water. And, add pears and dried figs. Let it cook in the high setting.
  2. Hence, after 20 minutes turn down the heat. Let it simmer.
  3. Turn off in about half an hour. And then, let it cool.
  4. Before serving, warm slightly in the microwave. Do not drink it is cold because it will trigger coughing.

Pear Drink

Not only does pear helps with the coughing the rock sugar help as well by hydrating the throat. This drink is good for children and is safe to have. Above all, the soup nourishes the lungs. Also, it is good for dry throat, which happens during the wintertime due to the heat. Or, even just from regular dryness. Not only that, this soup will benefit by having other ingredients such as dates, longan, and sweet bitter almond. In particular, the pear is great for digestion. For those who do not enjoy a sweet drink, this can be made with pork bone a more of a salty flavor.

Do try this nourishing pear drink. If you enjoy home remedies, do try red bean barley drink. I would love to try new remedies like remedies for bruises.