Rice noodle pork stir fry

Rice noodle pork stir fry. A healthy noodle dish with a combination of vegetables. This dish is a gluten-free dish made with rice noodles. With a good portion of vegetables and protein. A quick and simple dish can use whatever ingredients in the fridge. Stir fry can be made rather quickly, especially when you are short on time.

Rice Noodle Pork Stir Fry Recipe


2 – 3 lb pork tenderloin

1 pack rice noodle

1 – 2 broccoli

3 tbsp. sesame oil

2 slice of ginger

3 garlic cloves

4 tbsp. gluten-free soya sauce

2 – 3 tbsp. brown sugar


1. In a bowl, scoop in 1 tbsp. sesame oil, 1 – 2 tbsp. gluten-free soya sauce, 1 – 2 tbsp brown sugar. Mix. Slice ginger and place in the bowl. Put in the pork tenderloin. Coat the meat with sauce to marinate the meat. Allow this to sit for 10 – 30 minutes.

2. With a medium-size pot, fill with water. Boil the water. Once the water bubbles add in the rice noodle. Let it cook for 5 – 7 minutes.

Note: if the noodle is overcooked during the cooking process, the noodle will easily break apart.

3. Once cooked. Strain the noodle. Run it under the tap. Keep the noodle in the strainer.

4. Turn on the stove, add oil in the pan and cook the protein. After the protein is fully cooked, set aside.

5. Lightly cook the broccoli, don’t overcook.

6. With a small bowl, add in 2 tbsp sesame oil, 3 tbsp soya sauce, and 2 tbsp of brown sugar. Stir to combine.

7. Take a pan, saute garlic. Place the noodles in. Gently use a spatula to stir. Pour in the sauce. Move the noodles to coat it. Put in the rest of the ingredients. The dish should be ready in 10 minutes of cooking time.

8. For more flavor, add in more sauce.

9. Turn off the stove.

10. Enjoy!

Rice noodle pork stir fry
Rice noodle pork stir fry
Rice noodle pork stir fry
Rice noodle pork stir fry

Cooking Asian Dishes

Asian dishes require you to stir fry in high heat but medium heat is fine. Another thing, after turning on the stove let the pan warm up. Then, add oil and then start cooking the stir fry. Asian dishes uses garlic and ginger.

If you enjoy Asian dishes, do try Pad Thai dish.

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