DIY Skincare: Things You Should Know

 DIY Skincare: Things You Should KnowDIY Skincare: Things You Should Know

When you start off making your own skincare products at home, if you don’t have a lot of time to make everything. You might want to start small. Just buy a couple of natural skincare products and start off making one product at a time. There is a great site called Skin Deep Cosmetics Database

rates brand name products from 0-10 according to the hazard level. This will help you decide which products are safe to use.

Toxic Skincare

When choosing to buy skincare products, there can be chemicals in skincare products. It is best to buy skincare held in a glass container since plastic container can contain toxins. If a plastic container with a recycling code #3 and V, it stands for poison plastic. The material releases hydrochloric acid, cancer-causing properties that it releases pollutants, additives, and chemicals. Need to be very careful.

Choose Organic Skincare

Why organic? Why is organic important? An organic product is grown without any pesticides or synthetic fertilizer. It is better for the body. If a product is biodynamically certified, it will have  Demeter U.S.A stamp on the package. You will know the product is organic.

Beautiful Inside and Out

Don’t need anything fancy for skincare. Proper exercise. Eating healthy. A diet that contains protein, good fats, and fruits is very important. Of course, you can’t forget water.

Make Your Own Skincare

Make your own skincare and save on cost. The cost goes to the brand and the packaging. You will know the ingredients in the product. No preservatives. No bad chemicals. It is something simple. Safe for your kids and your family.

Avoid Contamination

When creating your own skincare product, it is best to prevent contamination. How you can handle the ingredients if very important. Before handing the ingredients, clean your hands and clean all the containers to prevent anything from getting into the products. Also, use scoops rather than your hands to prevent wrongly handle the products.






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