Delicious Yogurt Drops

Delicious yogurt drops. Snacks can be a tricky matter. Then, I do some research to find something that inspires me or something my kids might be interested in. For instance, kids are like a guessing game. My daughter loves chocolate chips muffin and cocoa powder mix in it, but I would of never guess she mind the dark-colored muffin. You would never have known of your child’s reaction until you tried it.

Delicious Yogurt Drops

Delicious Yogurt Drops


favored yogurt 1 – 2 cups of

piping bag or plastic bag 1

maple syrup 1 – 2 tbsp.

wax paper


  1. Firstly, take a baking tray and place wax paper on it.
  2. Next, take a medium to a large bowl and add the following ingredients flavored yogurt, and maple syrup. Whisk.
  3. With a spoon, scoop the yogurt into the bag. If there are too many, leave the rest for later. Allow the bag to sit in a bowl and the freezer for 15 minutes. At this time, take the yogurt bag out of the freezer.
  4. Cut a hole in the corner of the bag.
  5. Then, squeeze drops of the yogurt onto the pan.
  6. They could be in the shape of a drop or whatever the cook would like. Children can have a lot of fun with this.
  7. Finally, after filling the whole tray with yogurt drops. Let it freeze for an hour. Once frozen, transfer the drops into a Ziploc bag.


Delicious Yogurt Drops
Delicious Yogurt Drops

Tips to Make Yogurt Drops

However, some like to use a bag to squeeze the yogurt out to the baking pan. Unfortunately, there is not as much control since bags do not stay up unless you take a tougher bag. But, Other ways to make it easier is to take a condiment bottle for less mess and perfect shaped drops. As a result, if anyone enjoys plain or just a simple flavor like vanilla, do use just white yogurt for the drops.

Fun Yogurt Drop

Moreover, for a fun yogurt drop, do add small chunks of fresh fruit for a little texture. For example, dice strawberries into small cubes. And then, dip the cube in the yogurt and place it on the baking tray for freezing.

Do try yogurt drops. If you enjoy baked goods, do try breakfast oatmeal cookie.

I would love to try new gluten-free recipes breakfast wraps.

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