Should Toddler Take Multi-Vitamin?

Should Toddler Take Multi-Vitamin?My daughter enjoys eating when it comes to food she would eat a large amount but she can be a picky eater. There was a time where she treats vegetable as an enemy. I had to encourage Char to take just one bite or bribe her with a treat. It was tough. She didn’t want to drink water as well. After getting her involved with soccer, she was better with drinking water. If my daughter is a picky eater, was she getting enough nutrient? Should toddler take multi-vitamin?

Reason to Give Your Toddler Vitamin

If the toddler has a restricted diet like an allergy or is a picky eater, it would be beneficial to the child. If the child has a dairy allergy and can’t drink milk would lack Calcium, a multi-vitamin is the only way to ensure the child has all the necessary vitamins.

What to Consider for a Multi-vitamin

-a multi-vitamin for the right age group (toddler)

-the correct dose of the vitamin not extra because it is dangerous

-kids should know the gummy vitamin is not a candy

-multi-vitamin should not replace nutrient from food

Important Vitamin and Minerals

Vitamin A – energy production, metabolism, healthy circulation, and nervous system

Calcium – build strong bone and child’s development

Iron – build muscle and important healthy red blood cell

Multi-vitamin does help to ease Parent’s mind who are concern about their child not having a balanced meal. It is important for a child to have a multi-vitamin if they are picky and not getting enough nutrient to help them with their development.

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