Natural treatments to sooth skin conditions like eczema

You can stop eczema flare-ups by changing your diet and using various natural products .Natural remedies can help prevent inflammation. What to use for natural remedies for the skin and to fight against any bacteria. Natural treatments to soothe skin conditions like eczema.

Natural items to help with eczema

Apple cider vinegar helps with eczema. Be careful, the acid from the vinegar can be too strong for the skin. To prevent this, reduce the acid level by mixing the vinegar with water. Human skin tends to be acidic. When the acid level of the skin is affected, the defense system is affected.

Colloidal oatmeal

colloidalWhat is colloidal oatmeal? This is taken from grounding the cooked oats. Oats help to prevent anti-inflammation. Also, colloidal oa reduce skin’s dryness, scalely skin, roughness and itchiness.

How to use colloidal oatmeal:

This can be used in a warm bath. Allow the skin to soak in the water.

Coconut oil

The fatty acid in coconut oil is good for dry skin. What it does is to help to fight against inflammation by strengthening the protective layer.

How to use coconut oil:

It is most effective to apply on the affected area after a bath.


This item has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. What honey can be used for is to heal wounds. The sugary product is good to strengthen the immune system. Therefore, honey and lemon are wonderful for a sore throat or a cold. Honey can be used for burns.

What to do with this product:

This can be applied to area of the skin with eczema. This natural product will hydrate and protect skin from any infection.

What to beware of?

Need to be careful with soap for every day baths. Soap can be quite tough on the skin. Soap is alkaline while the skin has an acid base. It is best to use a more natural soap. Or, soap that is gentle on the skin or are fragrance-free. Avoid anything with harsh chemicals.

Things to do at home to help with eczema

  • Being dress too warm can irritate the skin allow loose clothing
  • Apply moisturizer like an oil on the area after a bath and apply a layer of Vaseline on top to trap moisture
  • Do consider omega 3 fatty acid supplements to help the hydration
  • eczema can be affected by food sensitivity you might try staying away food products like dairy, citrus, nuts, spice or tomatoes

My daughter’s food sensitivity journey.

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