Spice Help to Heal the Body

herbSpice Help to Heal the Body

You cook with spices. You use spices to bake. Did you know that spice helps to improve and help to heal any issues you might have? In ancient times, the herb has medicinal properties or benefits. You might want to think about the herbs that are sitting in your spice rack or in your cupboards such as oregano, thyme, mint, rosemary, etc. For example, I like to use rosemary for cooking.

Benefits of Rosemary:

Rosemary is good to help improve circulation, headache, irritation.  It helps to improve memory, concentration, digestion, prevent the brain from aging, boost immunity, improve circulation, and encourage hair growth. Rosemary has a high amount of antioxidant. It helps to fight against free radicals. 


In Europe, rosemary is known to aid in digestion.

Information on Rosemary:

Rosemary is a fragrant plant. It was originated in the Mediterranean. Rosemary is good for cooking dishes. This herb is a part of the mint family similar to oregano. This herb has nutritional value like iron, calcium, and vitamin B6. Rosemary is either in powder form is as a dried herb.

Things to Know:

It is a perennial plant. The plant last more than two years.

Things to be Careful Of:

A high amount of rosemary would cause problems like vomit, coma, and pulmonary edema. Be careful not to have too much of the herb.

rosemary herb







Slow Cooker Pork Roast

1-2lb pork shoulder blade

2 medium potatoes

2 medium carrot

1 tbsp rosemary

1/2 tsp kosher salt

1/2 tsp pepper


  1. Spray the crockpot. Place pork shoulder blade in the pot.
  2. Sprinkle rosemary, kosher salt, and pepper all over the roast.
  3. Peel and chop carrot and potato in chunks. Add carrot and potato to the crockpot.
  4. Turn on crockpot on low for 2 1/2 – 3 1/2 hour.
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Toddler Constipation Issue

pineapple smoothie





Toddler Constipation Issue

How can I tell my child is constipated

When a child has bowel movement 1 in 4 days or is in discomfort and has a hard dry stool.

Too much dairy

The child snacks often on cheese. Dairy can cause constipation. Having more milk and not enough greens with lots of fiber can cause problems.

Not Enough liquid

If the child does not drink enough water, dehydration can cause issues with a bowel movement.  You try to keep the child active by taking them to the playground all the running around you might forget to give the child water.

Child might have anxiety going to the bathroom

The child might be afraid to go to the bathroom due to previous experience. This will cause the child to avoid going to the bathroom.

Treatment Option

A good option is to make smoothies. Children love smoothies. You can easily sneak something healthy in the smoothie. You can change it up with different flavor with different fruits. Add your child’s favorite fruit. Or you can sweeten the smoothie by adding ice cream.









2-3 pear, cut in smaller

1 cup pineapple, cut in cube

2 tablespoon honey

2 cup of milk

sprinkle psyllium husk


  1. Peel and cut the pear into smaller chunk.
  2. Cut pineapple into cubes.
  3. In a blender, add milk, pear, pineapple, honey, and milk.
  4. Sprinkle psyllium husk in the top.
  5. Turn on the blender.
  6. Taste smoothie. If you want the smoothie to be much sweeter in taste add more honey.


Psyllium husk – fiber, gentle. Soluble fiber. Psyllium husk goes through the digestive system not to get absorbed. It absorbs water is a compound that helps with constipation, diarrhea, blood sugar level, blood pressure, cholesterol, and weight loss.

Pear – fiber on the skin of the fruit. High in pectin a natural fiber.

Pineapple – have lots of fluid and water great for hydration. Pineapple has an enzyme bromelain that is great for bowel function and controls regularity.



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My Daughter’s Food Sensitivity

My Daughter's Food Sensitivity

My Daughter’s Food Sensitivity. I took my daughter to her friend’s birthday party. At the party, after eating she complained her tummy was in pain. I thought she was in pain because she was too full. Her stomach always tends to be full easily. Char might be sensitive to starch; she tends to be gaseous often. Or it is just the way her body is like. There are times where she just wants to play so she makes the excuse she is full. At the party, I tried rubbing her tummy to hopefully make her less uncomfortable. In the past, I attempted to help her with her with her gas issue by juicing her a drink and adding ginger. Unfortunately, she is not too fond of spicy food. Char wasn’t feeling well so we had to leave the party early.

The next morning, she had a fever. She was complaining her tummy hurts. I applied peppermint o her stomach. Char was in a lot of discomforts. I was worried about the food she ate did not sit well in her stomach. I made a peppermint tea to help settle with her stomach. However, she dislikes mint. Then, Char threw up. She still wasn’t feeling any better. I made an appointment with my Doctor. I told my Doctor Char has a fever and has stomach pain. My Doctor felt Char’s stomach and asked where was the pain. She commented how Char’s stomach is quite bloated. I mentioned to her she has a lot of gas and she is often bloated. She asked what my daughter had for dinner the night before. I told her chicken, kale, and rice. My Doctor said Char might have thrown up due to the kale. Kale can be difficult for toddlers to digest. The amount of gas in her stomach was making her uncomfortable. Also, I told my Doctor Char has a skin rash. My Doctor believed Char might have gluten sensitivity.  She wants me to bring Char back to test and see which type of gluten product she is sensitive to. This completely changes the way I would need to cook. The way I shop. This was a little overwhelming. I would need to find out which gluten product she is sensitive to.


My Daughter's Food Sensitivity

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Low Energy Caused by Iron

iron supplementWhat a long day. I usually start my day from 6am and it does not end until 9pm or 10pm. I finally get to sit down after a long day. I feel exhausted. My children are in bed. I have little time for myself. There are days where I wonder why I am feeling this burnt out. What have I done all day? In the middle of the day, I do have a cup of tea. I something to keep me awake or to give me some energy to last until the rest of the day. The other thing I try do is to increase the amount of time I spend on exercising. I workout in the morning doing some cardio. At the end of the night, I would do some yoga to help me to de-stress after dealing with my kids. I was hoping the exercise would help my energy level.



The other thing I find dealing with my kids is that I am no longer a patient person. I thought I was a very patient person but after having kids I don’t think I have as much patience as before or maybe my kids are just really good at testing my patience. Lately, I have been feeling a little more drained than usual. I feel like I need something more for body or mental health. I was at the library looking at health magazines I came upon an Advertisement on iron deficiency. Low energy can be caused by low iron. It was stating that it is quite common women don’t have enough iron. The low iron could cause fatigue and it is quite common in women.  The product adverted is a liquid product called Floradix a herbal remedy. This piked my interest because I tend to lean more towards natural or herbal remedies. I went to a nutrition store to pick up Floradix in liquid iron; I didn’t mind the taste. It reminds me of something similar to plum juice.  I need to take this in the morning and evening before my meal. I felt a lot better after a day. Floradix had various B vitamins which help with stress. I find that this product does help with my health, my energy level, and my well-being. It is a great product.


This page contains affiliate links. I earn a commission from this link. I only recommend brands I use and trust. And I only recommend what works for me.

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Dandelion Tea Benefits Might Surprise You

dandelion flower

Dandelion tea benefits might surprise you. You might think this is just a simple weed lying around on your lawn or in your garden. If you are a gardener, you might find annoying constantly have to be weed out.

My Mom has been making dandelion tea for my Dad daily. This peeked my interest. Isn’t it just a weed. Can we really use dandelion to make tea? I did try the tea. It can be quite bitter. When I was at the grocery store shopping for groceries, I did find this in the tea aisle.

Dandelion tea has many benefits:

  1. It helps to reduce the amount of water your body holds onto such as feeling bloated. It helps your body to remove by increasing urine output.
  2. Tea helps with liver health by increasing the movement of bile. Therefore, it helps to remove toxins. Improve issue with eye and skin.
  3. You can replace coffee with dandelion tea. However, it really depends how much of a coffee lover are you? You can grow your own. If you want to grow on your own or in your garden. It is best if you buy a plant from a market or places where they sell plants. Do not take the wild ones from your lawn. Or buy dandelion tea from the store.

After you have grown a dandelion plant in your garden, try to make dandelion tea:

  1. Firstly, you wash the leaves.
  2. Once the leaves are cleaned without any dirt. You can put them in the sun to dried it out.
  3. After the leaves are very dehydrated.
  4. You can roast the leaves in a pan.
  5. Turn on medium heat. After the pan is hot, you can put in the dandelion leaves.
  6. Stir constantly to prevent burning.
  7. Let it roast for twenty minutes to half an hour. Then, turn off the heat.

If you have any of the above issues, you can take out the leaves and add hot water to make tea. You can add honey if the tea is too bitter.

My Mom had some swelling in her joints; she has arthritis swelling of the joints. After having some dandelion tea for three or four weeks, she noticed one of her joints the swelling is gone. Dandelion tea is definitely a very useful tea with many benefits.

dandelion leaves



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Five Flowers Tea to Balance Your Chi

five flower teaFive Flowers Tea to balance your chi. This product is composed of various herbs. The herbs are honeysuckle, chrysanthemum flower, silk cotton, plumeria rubra, and pueraria laboata. The benefits of this five flowers tea is it helps with inflammation, fatigue, sore throat, indigestion, poor appetite, insomnia, difficulty in urinating, clear acne, and eczema. You purchase tea leaves and combine everything to make the tea or buy instant tea. Where you can find a package of five flower tea at a Chinese market. These ready to drink tea has been prepared and turned into a powder where you can add to water mix and drink. This is convenient if you are busy or does not have a lot of time. However, you can’t control the amount of sugar or the strength of the tea if you buy instant tea bag from a herbal store or from an Asian market.

Five Flower Tea Preparation:

1 bag five flower tea mix

1/2 bar sugar cane

  1. Boil water.
  2. Add a bag of five flower tea mix.
  3. Cover. Boil for 20minutes.
  4. Adjust the strength of the tea. Note: Too strong. Add more water.
  5. Add sugar cane. 1/2 a bar.
  6. Can drink hot or cold.

The tea is great to remove uric acid that builds up in the body. Each individual ingredient has unique benefits. Honeysuckle removes toxin, reduce fever, help with swelling, skin infection and helps to strengthen the body. Chrysanthemum is fantastic for colds, headaches, and inflamed eyes. There are two types of chrysanthemum: white and yellow. If you soak white chrysanthemum flower in wine. It would be good for nervous system. The yellow chrysanthemum is good for wind heat. Japanese Sophora flower (Huai Hua) helps to stop bleeding.

During days where I had to stay up late or when the kids were sick, I had to stay up late or when I had some fried food or bite myself while eating. I would make myself fiver flower tea. It really helps with my body with the fatigue and balances my chi. This tea is great for all ages and for everyone.


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Fish Soup is Brain Food

Fish soup is brain food. Fish is a very healthy meat. Fish is a protein with no saturated fats. What it is good is for the brain; it helps to lower cholesterol levels. Chinese tends to use ginger with fish remove with the fishy taste. Fish can come from two places freshwater or the ocean.  Fresh water can be from a lake or from a stream; it can have a muddy taste. The type of fish from the ocean is grouper, mackerel, tilapia. Tilapia is easy to fillet. When choosing fish it is best to choose fresh fish. How can you tell if it is fresh? Fresh fish has a pearly appearance, flesh firm nad moist. If you are considering buying a whole fish for soup. Make sure the fish has bright eyes, medium sticky gills, and the skin has a glossy sheen appearance. We like to add some warmth to the dish by adding a couple of slices of ginger.

Fish Soup Recipe

3 slices ginger

1 tbsp low sodium soy sauce

500g fish fillet (slice 1 cm)

1 bag enoki mushroom

1 tsp sesame oil

1 1/2 c bok choi

1/2 cup coriander

2 tbsp onion scallion


  1. Wash bok choi. Slice bok choi across into smaller chunks.
  2. In the pot, boil water. Add ginger and soy sauce. Stir.
  3. Lower the heat. Add fish. Let it simmer for 1 minute.
  4. Add mushroom. Simmer for 1 minute.
  5. Put in sesame oil.
  6. Remove from the stove.

The many benefits of fish soup:

A homemade fish stock contains a good amount of iodine. If you don’t have enough iodine it might cause obesity, low I!, thyroid issues, etc. Fish is a brain food. It helps with intelligence. A good source of brain food. Also, it would slow down any brain decay. And it helps to improve memory. Fish is a source of calcium by improving bones and strengthen it. Fish broth provides people with a good amount of gelatin and collagen. Collagen and gelatin are great for osteoarthritis and osteoporosis. Fish definitely have many benefits. It is a brain food and it helps to strengthen the body as well. Fish soup is brain food.

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Perilla frutescenes herb for allergies

Herb plantPerilla Frutescenes is a herb for allergies that had been used for traditional medicine. This has been used mostly used in Asia. It is from the mint family. The Chinese use the herb for asthma and lung issues. The Perilla herb contains Calcium, Vitamin C, and iron. The plant helps to improve immunity and it contains a high amount of omega 3. The benefit of the plant helps to fight anything harmful, especially in the mouth. What it can do is to help lower the number of cavities in your teeth. It is luteolin in this herb that helps fight anything harmful in the mouth. Rosharinic acid another chemical in the herb which helps to prevent redness and swelling. The type of redness is things like allergies. There are many types of allergies from skin allergies to breathing allergies and to food allergies. Perilla frutescers helps with allergy irritations. When allergies or airways get irritated; perilla will help by reducing irritation in the airway.

The Perilla Frutescers plant has anti-inflammatory properties. It helps to reduce allergy symptoms; it will help with serious allergies and seasonal allergies. This herb is definitely beneficial for people with allergies.

This plant can be grown annually in warm weather. Perilla grows well in the shade or in the sun. Depending on the amount of sunlight the plant gets, this can affect the color of the leaves, with exposure to the sun the leaves will be burgundy with less sunlight it is a light green.

herb plant

Besides using the leaves as a tea, you can use the plant or leaves in a fruit or vegetable salad. The can be used in sushi as well.






How to use the herb:

3-4 leaves of Perilla Frutescenes
1 cup of water

1. Boil a cup of water.

2. Put in 3-4 leaves of the herb.

3. Let the leaves steep for 5-10 minutes.

4. The tea is ready.

Epsom Salt for the Sore Muscle

epsom salt, re-energize, sore muscle, essential oil,
Photo by Mira Bozhko on Unsplash











Epsom Salt Re-energize Your Body

I had a very exhausting weekend. My body felt sore and tired. I did some exercise stretches and some yoga. I was hoping exercise would help with the fatigue. However, it did not help as much as I hoped. I wanted to do something different. I used Epsom salt. Epsom salt for the sore achy muscle. I know a nice body soak would help with the soreness. And I had a nice warm soak with Epsom salt for my body. I fill my tub with warm water and 2 scoops of Epsom salt with eucalyptus essential oil. The eucalyptus essential oil is wonderful to help with relaxation. The name Epsom comes from natural spring and it was originated in England. The salt has nutrient good for the body. It is effective because the salt has magnesium a good nutrient for the body. Epsom salt for the sore muscle.
When you soak the body; it absorbs the mineral through the skin. The mineral from the salt helps to remove lactic acid from the body. The lactic acid builds up is what causes the tired sore muscle. The skin is the largest organ of the body. The other thing the Epsom salt does is to help regulate the muscles and nerves. If you don’t have a lot of time, you can have a nice feet soak. If you stand or walk a lot, all the pressure tends to build up on your feet. The foot soak will help with the achy feet. What else purpose does a foot soak improve upon? Foot soak can improve foot circulation. The other thing the foot soak will help is the circulation of your feet. If you have bad circulation or have cold feet especially in the winter time, a foot soak will help with the situation. There are many other things you can do with Epsom salt. You can use the salt as for face wash, hair volume spray, body moisture, vegetable garden, body scrub, cleanser, hair treatment, relieve sunburn, headache, plant growth, etc.

Soup for hot summer days

Soup for hot summer weather
winter melon










Winter melon is a large vine vegetable with a fuzzy surface. This vegetable is mostly used in Asia. It can be used in soups or in stews. The nutritional benefit from the vegetable has a high amount of vitamin C and vitamin B2, high dietary fiber, zinc, iron, phosphorus, potassium, and other vitamin and mineral. Soup for hot summer weather. It has many positive benefits to the soup.

Help to Improve Your Vision:

If you have the issue with your vision, there is not enough riboflavin. Winter melon gives you a high level of B2 or riboflavin. Therefore, if you receive more B2, it lowers issue with eye problems.

Help Improve Immunity:

There is an increasing amount in winter melon which helps to create more white blood cell and helps to prevent the healthy cell from mutating. It also increases the amount of zinc in your body.

Detoxify the Body:

Winter melon act as a diuretic. It removes any toxin, fat, salt and water from the body. This helps the liver and kidney to be in good condition.

Good for Digestion:

The melon helps to prevent a gastrointestinal problem such as constipation, bloating, cramping, and any other stomach issues.


Soup for hot summer weather
black silkie chicken with winter melon









Winter Melon and Pork Shank Soup

1lb pork bone

1/2 lb pork shank

1L water

3 slice ginger

1 black silkie chicken

1 bunch peanut

salt and pepper

300g winter melon(peeled, removed seed, cut into cubes


1.    Boil pot of water. Blanch pork shank and black silkie chicken. Note: blanching removes impurities). Pour out the water.

2.    Boil second pot of water. Add pork bone and black silkie chicken. Then, add ginger and peanut.

3.    After the water bubbles, let it simmer on low heat for 1 hr.

4.    Add winter melon. Let it cook for 30minutes.

5.    Add salt and pepper for taste.

6.    Let soup to cool.



Nutriton Soup for your Eyes

We are always in front of a screen. It can be very exhausting for your eyes. There can be a lot of strain on your eyes without knowing. My husband works a lot. He is always in front of a computer at work and when he returns home from work he is working on his teaching on his computer. When he takes a break; he is on his cell phone. We are quite used to our screen time sometimes forget about that. In our society, everything is on a screen we forget that we need to take care of our eyes. Or, how this can be exhausting for your eyes. Therefore, in spring and summer time, I try to make Gao Gei soup. My Mom grows Gau gei plant.  She always gives me some soup or gives me stems of gau gei so I can make soup at home. Gau gei comes from goji berry plant. The weather in British Columbia doesn’t produce goji berries. Gau gei is easy to plant. You just need to put the stem of the plant in some dirt and water regularly. Water twice a day. Also, the Gau gei plant needs a good amount of sunlight. The Gau gei soup helps to improve and maintain good eyesight. The process to make the soup is quick not like the typical Chinese soup where you are required to cook for four to five hours. If you don’t have a lot of time, this is a great soup.

Gau Gei Soup

10 stalk of gau gei

1 L water

1 salt egg


  1. Soak the stem and leaves. Peel all leaves and separate from stem.
  2. Fill the pot with water. Once the water boils. Add the stem and leaves in the pot. Boil for 1-2minutes. Remove leaves. You can eat the leaves.
  3. Add salt egg.
  4. Let it cook for 5 min.
  5. Cool to drink.


gau gei plant









Gau Gei Plant


Smoothie with more Veggie

Kids fight to avoid eating their vegetables. They just seem to hate vegetables. Why? It seems that this could be due to the kids super sensitive taste buds. Apparently, kids taste the bitterness in the vegetables much more easily than adults. Therefore, children might not be as fond of having vegetables due to the taste. We Parents have to try kids need to have a balanced diet and without vegetable Parents worried there would be a negative effect on the child’s health. Over time my daughter has gotten a little better with vegetables but she is still quite picky with her vegetables. I tried making different meals or appetizers with increasing amount of vegetable. I tried to cook the vegetables differently make it differently or more tasty. Sometimes my kids like what I did with the vegetable but not all the time. I think the next best option is to make a smoothie which might hide the vegetable in the smoothie. My kids love fruits; it is sweet and juicy. Smoothie is a good option. Smoothie will blend everything together so my kids can take in all the nutrient from both the fruit and the vegetables. Also, the fruit might hide the vegetable or mask it.

Smoothie with more vegetable

Spinach Smoothie

1/2 cup spinach

1 avocado

1 large pear (cut into slices)

1 banana

1 cup orange juice

1 apple (sliced)


  1. Put banana, avocado, pear, and spinach in the blender. Add orange juice.
  2. Juice the apple.
  3. Blend everything together.

Smoothies are great for kids. It will help to give a balanced nutrition. It is an easy way for the kids to get the vitamins and minerals they don’t get from their daily meals. Or, when the kids get picky with their food. By juicing, it is a quick way for the body to absorb the nutrient and build a stronger immunity. Also, juicing helps to release a digestive enzyme in the fruit and vegetable that does not happen when you eat fruit or vegetable with from chewing. This helps to improve the digestive tract and gives phytonutrients to the body.



Building Your Immunity with Soup

I find that being a mom you are always short on time. I spend the whole day taking care of the kids but near the end of the day, I have no idea what I did all day. I know I was busy but at the same time, I felt like I have done nothing all day. I have a todo list the only thing I accomplish is one thing on my list. When I was little my Mom would always make me Chinese soup; she would make it weekly. I learned that early on when I was growing up weekly soup helps to build up your immunity. There are times when your health is not the best or when you are exhausted. There is always a soup for whatever condition you are in. Having soup regularly, I did get sick very little, I do find that when I get sick it did not take me too long to recover from my cold. Now, I find I have very little time to make Chinese soup for my family. With Chinese soup, it is best to cook the soup for four to five hours. However, I am not all the time with taking the kids to school and activities I know I had to think of another way. I use my crockpot to make soup. I can use the soup to make noodle soup or to cook with something else like soup stock. It seems like sometimes we just need to make things happen but alternately.

     Chop all the ingredients.



2 Chicken breast                                              3 onion

2 stalk celery                                                     2 carrot

1/2 bunch parsley                                             1 tsp thyme

3 slice ginger                                                       whole chicken bone

1/2 pot water

  1. Add all the ingredients. Add the water.
  2. Cook for 10 hours.               s

Finished soup

Nourishing Apple Drink for Winter Dryness

These couple of weeks it has been quite cold. It snowed last week close to Christmas day. Most of the snow melted away but it is still quite cold. My son had a runny nose for a whole week; I tried bundling him up but he still has a runny nose. This could be due to the chilly weather rather than a cold or it could be a cold. Then, on Thursday his cold turn into a bad cough. He was coughing non stop it was getting really bad. My Mom made him a Chinese home remedy apple drink. My mom would always make this drink for me when I was little. 

apple for cold remedy
apple for cold remedy

My mom would always make this drink for me when I was little. The drink is very nourishing for the throat.  It is great for a sore throat, allergy, irritated throat or swollen throat. This beverage would help in the winter time when you turn on the heater and have dry throat especially after you wake up in the morning. It can be taken when you are not sick. Great for itchy or dry cough. This remedy helps to clear heat, prevent dehydration, sooth lung, moisten lung, cool the heart since Chinese remedy is all about balancing the yin and yang. You would need two apple, two pear, and two to three dried figs.

fig for cold remedy
fig. Photo by Weronika Marcińczyk on Unsplash

Boil a half pot of water. Peel the skin off apple and pear. Then, cut the apple and pear into slices. Once the water boils. Add apple, pear, and dried figs. Cook for three hours on medium heat. This can be served hot. My Mom gave some of the apple remedies to my son. My son really liked it because it is sweet. It really reduces the amount coughing. After two days he wasn’t coughing as much and seems to be getting much better.

Mom Burnt Out

I find that it is easy to for a Mom to feel exhausted or burnt out when all our focus is on the children and your husband. There are many times where I keep on going because you just have to, it is your role. Your family relies on you or who would do it if I am not going to do it. Or, they just expect you to do it. It is tough to keep on going by yourself. You might need some help. I tried some supplements that really helped me out. These supplements are safe for breastfeeding mothers as well. I am breastfeeding my son I do worried that it would harm him if I am not careful with what I take. I take brewer’s yeast which has multiple benefits. Brewer’s yeast is a fungus. It is an ingredient used to make beer and ale. This product is rich in the supply of protein and has B complex vitamin and mineral that stimulates the immune system. If you are breast feeding it helps to increase milk supply. This supplement has iron and helps to increase energy level; it helps to elevate energy level which always helps when you are taking care of little children. Brewer’s yeast combat fatigue and fights off baby blues that can affect Moms. The other supplements that really help with my mood and well being are Sea licious baby and me vitamin. It contains omega 3, DHA, Vitamin D3 that is great for energy, immunity and brain function. When I am exhausted I know it can affect memory, energy and function. This supplement is great; it has no fishy aftertaste. Not only does this supplement help with the brain health it helps your eyes as well. The person who came up with this brand of supplement is a nutritionist who understands what a Mother would need for their health.

Fatigue and Exhaustion

My husband works a lot; there are days where he works long hours and some late nights. I know he needs some extra help with his energy level. What I usually make for him on these days where he needs some extra nutrient is a three herb drink: ginseng, goji berry, and longan. It does not taste bitter or have a horrible aftertaste, so I know he would drink this. No one wants to drink something they want to end up throwing up. Goji berry help with his eyesight when he is constantly on his computer. Goji berry or wolfberry a fruit of Lycium barbarum or Lycium Chinese which helps to boost the immune system, brain activity, protect against heart disease, cancer, and improves life expectancy. Also, the goji berry has vitamin C, Vitamin A, iron, selenium, and antioxidant benefits. Many use this fruit to treat eye, liver, and kidney ailments. This berry has a slightly sweet and sour taste. Longan is a juicy, sweet, and it has a pulp texture. This fruit is named round black shiny seed with a white protuberant umbilici that looks like eyes of a legendary Dragon. The extract of the longan fruit promotes growth and physical fitness. It is a tonic for someone who needs a little help. It also helps with anti-aging. It protects blood vessel and prevents the hardening of arteries. Lastly, ginsing Chinese refer as ‘yellow spirit’ ‘magic herb’ king of herbs’ is a herb which has miraculous power. Ginseng helps with exhaustion. How I make the drink is by taking 4 goji berry, 1 ginseng, 3 longan and add to boiling water. Let if sit for a couple of minutes. Throw the water away to clean it. Then, start over pour boiling water into a cup with three herbs. Let if sit for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, it is ready. You can make 2-3 cups.