My Mom’s Family Favorite Mango Pudding

When we have a family gathering like dim sum or a family dinner. In the end, for dessert, everyone’s favorite dessert most often is mango pudding. The mango makes it very refreshing and the dairy makes it creamy. My mom loves experimenting with dishes. She perfected the dessert and it has become our family favorite mango pudding. My Mom’s Family Favorite Mango Pudding. And I never can get tired of this dessert.

My Mom's Family Favorite Mango Pudding

Mango Pudding Recipe


1 Canned Mango Pulp 30oz

Sugar 310ml

1 whipping cream half and half 450ml

knox gelatine or Agar agar 4 pack

3 bowl of water


  1. In a bowl of cold water add knox. Stir to allow it to melt.
  2. In a pot, boil water. Pour in the sugar. Allow the sugar to melt.
  3. In a separate bowl, pour in cream and mango pulp. Mix well.
  4. Pour the water with melted gelatin into mango mixture. Then, add sugar mixture.
  5. Lastly, add fresh mango chunks.
  6. Refrigerate. Allow the mango to set for the whole night.
  7. Ready when the pudding solidifies.
My Mom's Family Favorite Mango Pudding


  • Use 3-4 fresh ripe mangos cut into chunks makes the pudding tastier
  • The half and half whip cream makes the pudding smoother and creamier

What to look for in Mango Pudding

  • Strong fresh mango flavor
  • Melt in the mouth feeling
  • Smooth
  • Shiny
  • Soft
  • Tender
  • Firm to cut into cubes
  • hold it’s shape

Choosing the mango

  • mango should be ripe but not too soft
  • sticky sap leaking on the surface of the mango
  • mango should not have a lot of fiber
  • use Philippine mangos
My Mom's Family Favorite Mango Pudding
Mango Pudding

History of Mango Pudding

Mango pudding come from India. This is very popular mostly in southeast Asia. Dessert is serve with evaporated milk. The word ‘pudding’ is used because it gives people the impression pudding is rustic and comforting dish.

Simple Dessert

I love how mango dessert is very simple. Easy to make. It is a fantastic dessert for the summer time. Mango dessert is nourishing and extremely refreshing. This is another way to add more fruit to your diet.

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